Eastern Bank Plc Job Circular 2024

Eastern Bank Plc has announced its job circular for 2024, offering various exciting employment opportunities. Established in Bangladesh, Eastern Bank Plc is a reputed financial institution recognized for its exceptional banking services and customer-centric approach.

This job circular presents a promising chance for individuals aspiring to build a successful career in the banking sector. With a wide range of positions available for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals, Eastern Bank Plc aims to attract skilled individuals who possess the necessary qualifications and a passion for excellence.

By joining Eastern Bank Plc, candidates can become part of a dynamic team that values innovation, teamwork, and personal growth. So, don’t miss this valuable opportunity to shape your future with Eastern Bank Plc.

Introduction To Eastern Bank Plc

Eastern Bank Plc is currently hiring for multiple positions as indicated in their latest job circular for the year 2024. Take advantage of this opportunity to join a leading banking institution and take your career to new heights. Apply now!

Welcome to our blog post on Eastern Bank Plc! In this section, we will provide you with an overview of one of the leading banks in the industry, including its history, vision, and values. Eastern Bank Plc has a strong presence in the banking sector and is known for its commitment to providing top-notch services to its customers.

History Of Eastern Bank Plc

Established in 1992, Eastern Bank Plc has a rich history of more than three decades. From its humble beginnings, this financial institution has managed to make significant strides in the banking industry and has become a reputable name in the country. Over the years, Eastern Bank Plc has continuously adapted and evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers, while also embracing innovation and technology.

Vision And Values Of Eastern Bank Plc

Eastern Bank Plc has a clear vision, which is to be the preferred bank for the customers, employees, and the community it serves. This vision is reflected in the bank’s core values, which include:

  • Customer-Centric Approach: Eastern Bank Plc is dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the needs and expectations of its customers. They strive to provide excellent customer service and solutions tailored to individual requirements.
  • Integrity and Transparency: The bank firmly believes in maintaining the highest ethical standards in all its interactions. Transparency, honesty, and accountability are at the forefront of their operations.
  • Innovation and Agility: Eastern Bank Plc constantly seeks innovative ways to improve its offerings and stay ahead of the competition. They embrace technology and agility to deliver modern, efficient, and convenient banking services.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: The bank values teamwork and collaboration, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. They believe that their diverse and talented workforce brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

These values guide Eastern Bank Plc in every aspect of their business, enabling them to build strong relationships with their customers, employees, and the wider community.

Job Opportunities At Eastern Bank Plc

Discover exciting job opportunities at Eastern Bank Plc through their latest job circular for the year 2024. Explore a range of diverse positions and take the next step towards your professional growth with this renowned banking institution.

Eastern Bank Plc, one of the leading banking institutions in our country, has recently announced exciting job opportunities for enthusiastic professionals who are looking to build a rewarding career in the banking sector. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on innovation, Eastern Bank Plc has consistently been recognized as an employer of choice, offering a dynamic and supportive work environment.

Available Positions

The job circular released by Eastern Bank Plc includes a range of positions to suit various skill sets and interests. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting your career journey, there are opportunities available for you. The available positions include:

Position Department
Assistant Relationship Manager Corporate Banking
Junior Officer Branch Operations
Senior Analyst Risk Management

Qualifications And Eligibility Criteria

Eastern Bank Plc welcomes applications from individuals who possess the necessary qualifications and meet the eligibility criteria. While specific requirements may vary based on the position, some common qualifications include:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  2. Prior experience in the banking industry (preferred)
  3. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Ability to work effectively in a team

It is important to carefully review the job circular for the specific qualifications and eligibility criteria for each position. Only candidates who meet the requirements will be considered for further assessment.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for a position at Eastern Bank Plc, follow these steps to complete the application process:

  1. Visit the official website of Eastern Bank Plc and navigate to the Careers page.
  2. Search for the desired position and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  3. Fill out the online application form with accurate and up-to-date information.
  4. Upload your updated resume and any other relevant documents.
  5. Submit the application and wait for further communication from Eastern Bank Plc regarding the status of your application.

It is important to note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the next stage of the selection process. Therefore, make sure to provide all the required information accurately to enhance your chances of being considered for the position.

Why Choose Eastern Bank Plc

Eastern Bank Plc offers exciting job opportunities in their 2024 job circular. With competitive salaries and a reputation for excellence, Eastern Bank Plc is the ideal choice for those seeking professional growth and a supportive work environment.

Benefits And Perks

Eastern Bank Plc is a premier financial institution that offers a wide range of job opportunities. If you are considering a career with Eastern Bank Plc, you will be pleased to know that the company provides a host of benefits and perks to its employees. These benefits are designed to create a positive and rewarding work environment, and to support the overall well-being of employees. Here are some of the key benefits and perks that make Eastern Bank Plc an attractive choice:

  • A competitive compensation package that includes a competitive salary and performance-based incentives.
  • Generous health and wellness benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance.
  • A comprehensive retirement savings plan, including a 401(k) with employer matching contributions.
  • Flexible work schedules and remote work options to promote work-life balance.
  • Career development programs and opportunities for continuous learning and growth.
  • Employee recognition programs to celebrate achievements and promote a culture of appreciation.
  • Employee assistance programs to provide support for personal and professional challenges.
  • Discounted banking products and services for employees.

Career Growth Opportunities

Eastern Bank Plc is committed to fostering the professional development of its employees. The company believes in providing its employees with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers. Eastern Bank Plc offers a variety of career growth opportunities, including:

  • Internal promotions and transfers to help employees advance within the organization.
  • Mentoring and coaching programs to provide guidance and support for career development.
  • Training and development programs tailored to employees’ individual needs and aspirations.
  • Access to industry conferences, seminars, and workshops to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.
  • Opportunities to work on cross-functional projects and collaborate with colleagues from different departments.

Company Culture

Eastern Bank Plc prides itself on its inclusive and collaborative company culture. The company values diversity and believes in creating an environment where all employees can thrive and contribute their best. Here are some key aspects of the company culture at Eastern Bank Plc:

  • A supportive and team-oriented work environment where collaboration is encouraged.
  • An open-door policy that promotes transparency and open communication.
  • A culture of innovation and continuous improvement, where new ideas are welcomed and celebrated.
  • A commitment to corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community.
  • Regular team-building activities and events to foster camaraderie among employees.

Frequently Asked Questions For Eastern Bank Plc Job Circular 2024

Is Eastern Bank Stable?

Eastern Bank is a stable financial institution that has a strong track record in the industry. With its reliable operations and solid financial performance, customers can trust Eastern Bank to provide them with stability and peace of mind for their banking needs.

How Many Branches Does Eastern Bank Limited Have?

Eastern Bank Limited has a total of 58 branches.

Why Choose Ebl?

EBL should be your top choice because of its reliable and efficient services, competitive rates, convenient online banking options, and excellent customer support. EBL ensures your banking needs are met with ease and satisfaction.

What Is The Application Process For Eastern Bank Plc Job Circular 2024?

To apply for Eastern Bank Plc Job Circular 2024, visit the official website and navigate to the careers section. Fill out the application form with accurate and relevant information. Attach your updated resume and relevant documents. Submit the application and wait for further communication from the bank.


Apply now for the exciting job opportunities available at Eastern Bank Plc by submitting your application before the deadline. With a commitment to providing excellent financial services and a positive work environment, Eastern Bank Plc offers a chance to thrive in your career.

Don’t miss this chance to join a reputable organization. Take the first step towards a rewarding professional journey with Eastern Bank Plc.

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